[Photos] How the humble umbrella became a HK protest symbol


How the humble umbrella became a HK protest symbol by Samanthi Dissanayake

BBC News 29 September 2014

When the tear gas canisters were opened and the smoke billowed out, Hong Kong’s demonstrators had only their umbrellas to protect themselves. They had been brought along because the heat of the sun was so severe at the height of the day.

Ever since then images and designs of umbrellas have been posted as a mark of solidarity. The « umbrella revolution » has become a protest art phenomenon online.

Along with a yellow ribbon, it has become an unofficial icon of Hong Kong’s street protests.

When it rains…Open your umbrellas, is the advice Hong Kong protesters have been spreading. The image of demonstrators in a cloud holding up their umbrellas against the pepper spray or tear gas moved many on social media to comment.


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  1. HongKong protests add a new twist to the umbrella’s history as a political symbol http://on.wsj.com/1rEeDX6 (Reuters)

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