Wuhan Boulevard | Alessandro Zanoni

I went to Wuhan with the intention of working on a photo project about the Yangtze River, its channels and the relation between the waters and the Hubei Province capital – the major transport and logistic hub that, thanks to its port, connects key provinces in China. But while I was in a taxi from the main station to my hotel, I noticed the elevated railway that slides through the buildings, ruins and endless construction sites. So I suddenly changed my mind… ‘That railway path will be my main road, not the river’. A specific mode of transportation is always of particular interest for me, and I started to travel up and down with the metro line 1. Wuhan Boulevard is one of the stops of the metro line and I was immediately struck by this name, that recalled in my memory the famous western boulevards, such as the Sunset Boulevard, the legendary route to fame and success in L.A. But here the glamour and the density have turned into a rather unsettling and abandoned urban environment – a fascinating landscape to explore, where order intertwines with disorder, hope with disillusion, leftover past with uncertain future. Just a glimpse of contemporary Chinese urban life.

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